Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nuri's broken wings..and finally will R.I.P

A reply from my previous post from Kuden: "tulis la english. aku tak rase ko tulis skema pun. aku rase ko tulis best. tulis je tapi kalau ko nak rojak. pedulikan dbp haha"

hehe...oh well...mayb I stick wif English for a while..not that I am an Anglophile anyway...

As for the title...
Last night my parents & I were havin' dinner in front of TV..there were 2 news was the follow-up on the Nuri tragedy..the other was about the carrying of Jalur Gemilang across the continents, in lieu of our 50th Merdeka festives..neway..

My dad commented: "Malaysia x abis2 tu je la kerja dia, skit2 nk cari nama, (referring to the flag run)." I added: "the tallest building, jln2 kat North Pole, etc etc. Kalau guna duit tu ganti Nuri lagi bagus rasenye." My mom chirped in: "Duit banyak kot, tapi semua hilang kt rasuah."

For those who dont know my family quite well,they might think we r all government haters & pro-Opposition hehe. But I disgress. That wasnt the point. Rather the point is that we think that the government should spend the people's money wisely.

The Nuri, aka Sikorsky, or better known as Sea King in other countries, was first used by US in 1961, as an anti-submarine heli. It was then used by Malaysia since 1967 or 1968, as a combat carrier. Since then, the Nuri helis has crashed about 17 times.

I am no military expert, nor I can say fairly that the Nuri might have overstayed its welcome, but surely this is ominous? 17 crashes in a space of 4 decades is not an attractive record. It doesnt take a genius to figure out that taking a ride in Nuri is dangerous business. I think those poor soldiers r always praying & keeping their fingers crossed b4 hopping onboard..hoping that this wouldnt b their Titanic voyage.

I think that the Nuris should go. We shouldnt endanger the lives of our soldiers, our countrymen, just bcoz we refuse to change our derelict helis. I think its such a waste to lose their lives thru heli crashes, which we could avert & prevent. No price should b too high for preventing the loss of human lives. I am not saying that we should forego any flag-running or mountain-scaling or building anything for the country's pride, but we should spend the people's money on more important things first: replacing Nuris, education, health, eradicating poverty...then if we have extra money, only then may the Government send someone to dive into The Mariana Trench etc etc.

I am sorry, and am expressing my regret & condolences for the victims' families. Deep down in my heart, I think that the deaths should have been avoided.

But Najib has said that the Nuris will b replaced in 3 years time. Let's just hope there will b no more crashes.

We can only hope...


shenyew said...

A minute of silence for them and my condolence to the Nuri Victim's Family. May they rest in peace.

Kurt Kuden said...

tatau ape lam fikiran org kerajaan. sbb ni bukan case pertama..

norhidayah mahmood said...

betol ckp my bog bro..everyone actually should do sumthing..huhu..x kan nak tunggu jer.