Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Sabine Chronicles 2: Not taking his own medicine...

Previous part of the story...Lonely broken heart

"Love is a complex thing, isn't it?" asked Fauzan. "You hit the nail there, my friend.." Adnan agreed.

These two friends are sharing a cup of tea in downtown Ampang. A small terrace house..small but nice and neat. Adnan's house.

"Sometimes I can't figure out what are the women are thinking about! They befuddled me!" Fauzan's air of exasperation is palpable. "Sigmund Freud also said as much. Years of analyzing the female psyche, the poor thinker still can't crack the women mind. But to be fair to the womenfolk, we are also an enigma to them." Adnan rambled on.

Fauzan grinned. "I guess you are right. I mean, really, Manihah is a dear, but sometimes, I just can't understand her behaviour, her feelings. I wanted to understand her so badly, but it's like there is a wall or something!" Adnan smiled in return. "You are in a male's familiar territory. Just relax." A pregnant pause. "So have you told her yet? You guys have been going out for months now, but you never really told your feelings about her.."

Fauzan heaved a sigh. "I wanted to, but part of me is holding back. I am afraid that she will reject me, or that I am not good enough for her. I mean, maybe the reason she agreed to hang out with me is because I am good as a colleague, but not good enough to be with in a long-term relationship."

Adnan reflected a bit, & countered, "Well, being rejected is part & parcel of one's love life. My friend, see it this way. If you don't be honest with Manihah about your feelings, then she will never know it. Your relationship will never go anywhere. It just ends there, period. You must be willing to take the plunge. Especially in our culture, the man is supposed to make the move, not the girl. & even if she's not interested in you,take that as a learning experience. Improve you strengths, suppress your weakness. There is somebody out there, for everyone. It is Allah's promise. And His promise is always true."

Fauzan pondered, then, "Yes, maybe you are right. But still, it will not be easy. The confessing part, I mean."
Adnan said, "Yes, it is hard. But just relax." Then he hummed a tune, "If things go right we're meant to be.."

"Haha. What is it this time? Which song is that?" Fauzan is curious. "Norwegian guy. Sondre Lerche. Song name is Modern Nature. The message is about letting a relationship runs it course, not restricted by too much plans, & accepting whatever the outcome: be it separate ways, or together forever." Adnan explained.

"Ok then, I think I have to go. Graveyard shift today. & Dr Leo is not fond of stragglers." Fauzan rose. "Yeah, nice chat we had this evening. Tomorrow I have to check on Mrs Lim. Hope her leg is better now." Adnan is leading Fauzan to the door.

"All in a day's work, eh? I see you when I see you." Fauzan is starting the Waja. "Ok. & Fauzan." pregnant pause. "Remember, love is not just feelings. It is also an ability. Tell Manihah about your feelings, ok? Best of luck!" Fauzan laughs. "& that line would be from...?" Adnan answered, "Dan In Real Life. Steve Carell. Old movie."

"Alright mate. see ya. salam." Fauzan waved. & he's gone. Adnan waved to the distance, then went back inside.

Something white & fluffy darted across the patio. "Sabine, where have you been?" Adnan scratched his cat's chin playfully. But Sabine still has her eyes fixed on her master. Accusatory eyes. Adnan said, "So, you think that I didn't walk the talk, eh? I am only able to fix other people's love lives, but my own. Kinda like Hitch." Adnan smiled. Sabine nodded.

Adnan carried Sabine up his lap, & rested on the couch. Flashes of past events in his life passes thru his mind. Then, one face sprung up. A lovely face, pretty, & always fill his heart with warmth. "That was a long time ago. She is probably married now." He opened his eyes. Sabine's lamp-like eyes are staring back.

Minutes passed by. "You know what, Sabine? Maybe I will be taking my own medicine from now on. I'll give it a try." Adnan rose up. "After all, love is also an ability, isn't it?"

Sabine yawned.

"Where is she now, I wonder?". Adnan smiled.

continued in It was a cold night...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not enough time...

Assalamualaikum, good day...

I have shied away from blogging for a while these past few weeks. IMO, there's three axis that is crucial for all bloggers...namely, ideas, mood, & time. Let's just say that I am fairly brimming with the former two, but alas..time is not my ally these days.

I have to clear up many deadwoods over the past fortnight, not to mention exams & organizational work, that even if I am currently in a four-days holiday streak, I am still not finished with my responsibilities. But Alhamdulillah, some of the things that I have been meaning to do for days / weeks are finished. (mopping & dusting the room, etc). But it's not all work folks haha. Still managed to enjoy the break a bit, what with some of my friends are March babes! ( happy birthdays to Nadiah, Swarna, Aida, Dayah, & Phaik Hsia!) & there's a slew of birthday bashes!

Simply put, when I have time constraints..blogging have to be put in the back burner, coz I am such a slow typer...take me ages to type a paragraph, hehe. My dream was to blog vignette-style (short & concise), but it seems that I cannot adapt to that least not yet.

Oh yes, the reason why suddenly I am drowning in a lot of because some of this work or responsibilities are actually things that I should have finished months or weeks ago (organization reports, house cleaning, studies)...but because of my laziness & foot-shuffling, they have accumulated to a great extent, that I just can't gloss over them any longer hehe. & Alhamdulillah, in these past recent days, I am getting a bit hardworking, so I am tackling my mounting workload, bit by bit, one at a time, slowly but surely. Hopefully I will be able to finish them all haha. & hopefully I will not be afflicted by laziness again. :) So the lesson, peeps, never procrastinate! Get the job done! haha.

As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
"The two blessings that are usually forgotten by mankind: good health & free time."

Till next to wash the bathroom this afternoon....Insya Allah...
Toodles! wassalam.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

For the next 5 years...

Assalamualaikum & good day...

Today Malaysians go to the choose the State & Federal governments for the next 5 years (or less)...

As has been the norm in Malaysian polls in recent years, the spectre of cheating in the polls loom over the horizon. Vote-rigging, phantom voters, vote-buying, etc. are just a number of possible ways to cheat, especially for the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN). It is really sad that the BN has to resort to this dirty & underhanded tactics to preserve their power base. At the eleventh hour, the Election Committee decide to shelve the plan of using the voting inks (special inks which stay on your skin for a few days, applied when you have voted, so that you can't double vote). .

& any sane Malaysian, regardless of political alignments, can see that the mainstream media in Malaysia is totally controlled by the BN government. They lavish praises & showed the ruling government in positive light, while highlighting only the negative aspects of the Opposition. Do I hear responsible reporting? Sadly, apparently not. & I roll my eyes when I see in the news that the BN politicians are whining that the Malaysian blog community in general is Pro-Opposition, & labelling the Opposition as cowards when they express their views in blogs. If the BN has been fair in giving ample media coverage to the Opposition, the Opposition wouldn't have resorted to underground methods in the first place. Well, if the Opposition are "cowards", well what can we call the BN politicians then, hiding behind the lopsided media coverage? Maybe "wussies". :)

I have a moderate inclination in politics, but I just can't stand people who fight dirty. Let the people vote accordingly. There's no need to tamper with the results. & equal amount of airtime for everyone please!

May justice prevails...& may the politicians who have the peoples' interest in their hearts win (regardless from BN or opposition)...