Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Milestones of One's Life

"If it is a son, we shall call him Haneef" -Mom and Dad-

"He is such a quiet baby" -an aunt-

"He will become a professor some day" -another aunt-

"He always give in to his sister" -yet another aunt (or was it the same previous aunt?)-

"The three rascals...partners-in-crime" -another aunt-

"If a child doesnt talk too much, that means he's thinking" -A Dad's friend-

"You wanna fight?" -A boy at kindergarten, while holding me up by the collars-

"Dad, I think I have fallen in love.." -First puppy love, 7 years old-

"How did she now that I liked her?" -Me, incredulous, 12 years old-
"Duh, it was so obvious..the way that you glance sideways at her during class..the whole class noticed, by the way.." -A dear friend at primary school-

"We dont like the way that you are easily stressed out and being angry at people.." -a dear friend at junior high-

"You have changed a bit Haneef..you are friendlier and more relaxed now.." -a dear friend at junior high-

"I want to get married as soon as possible...I dont want to retire and still have to support my children's education!" -a senior at high school-

"I am officially stepping down as Head Prefect..I cant shoulder the burden" -Me at high school-

"Cikgu (teacher), why even when I smile, I felt sad?" -Me-
"Because you don't smile from the heart, dear" -A dear teacher at high school-

"But I really do love her teacher..I think she's the one for me..there could not be anyone else for me!" -Me-
"(She's your ideal woman) when you are seventeen..only at seventeen" -Another dear teacher at high school-

"Remember this day..come what may..wherever our different paths take us...we will always be friends!" -A pledge between dear friends; last day of high school-

"Congratulations son..our appeal on your behalf have gotten you a place to study medicine in Indonesia... -Dad-

"You cant expect that everyone should follow your standards, your expectations. Everyone has different values. Not everyone is like you." -a dear friend at college-

"We are naming our son after you..we hope that some of your characteristics will rub on to our child" -Another dear teacher at high school, whom I regard as a second father-

"Havent you met someone special in your life?" -another aunt-
"Havent auntie" -me-
"That's so sad...." -that same aunt-

"Abang Haneef, way back in high school..you were my role model" - A former junior at high school-
"Sorry kiddo, the person that you idolized..was nothing more than an illusion..he is a mere shell now. Right now, YOU are far better than I am." -Me-
"I refused to believe that..a person could not have changed that much!" -that junior again-
"Maybe you are right...i hope you are right...." -Me-

"I believe that the day I am ready in Allah's eyes, I will meet my partner in life.." -Me at university-

"Never ever lose you confidence in front of your patients! If you cant find hear the sounds of blood pressure..dont say 'sorry Sir, but I cant find your blood pressure'! What will your patient think? Try and try again until you can hear them! -a dear friend at university-

"2 of our family members are planning to get hitched sometime next year..are you going to follow suit?" -a cousin-

"I believe that when God has put us along a certain path..in our case studying Medicine..we are meant to do just that..don't ever think you are not fit to become a doctor!................ If you could only be more positive about yourself..if your friends can see the good things in you..why cant you see them yourself?" -Another dear friend at university-

"Unspoken love to me..but present always every day of my life" -Mom, Dad, my sisters, my family, my

These are the meaningful quotes in my life that I have tried to recap..to remind myself and other people

The quotes for the future...remain to be seen..