Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wanted to write again..and hopefully momentous things are about to come..

It's been one long year in Kudat..and it's been 3 years tops in Sabah.

So many changes with my friends' life I see...browsing/perusing through these FB pages of yours.

Whatever bad things associated with FB; it has its merits.

FB are like snapshots of your life's important moments; of personal triumphs.

Your momentous occasions my friends; your weddings; your childbirths', your adventures; your journeys....
...they also fire up my passions; igniting flames inside me that I thought have long gone..buried.

For the past one month I have renewed my my zeal..or what Austin Powers would mojo.

There are some things that I hope will come into fruition for me come this 2014..I hope that Allah will grant my wishes..may He find that I am worthy.

I hope I will be able to set aside time to write again.

Gosh! It feels good to write something again!

keep me in your prayers, my friends!

Till then...I see u when I see u.