Friday, January 25, 2008


Assalamualaikum & good day...

It's been nearly a month since 2008 arrives...& about 2 weeks since the new Islamic year of 1429...

I scribbled a list of resolutions a few weeks back...
Not all I can list down here...due to personal reasons...but some of them would be...

*Trying harder in my studies...not being a lazy-bum anymore...loving the learning process
*Be more mature & dependable
*Be more responsible with regards to my duties
*Be more confident & assertive
*Be more street-wise & have more common sense
*Cherish my family more & be a really good son & brother
*Be more cheerful to families, friend & strangers alike, & less of a wet blanket
*Be a lot kinder, & treat EVERY people with love & respect
*Not being envious of other people, & happy being me
*Be more pious & closer to Allah
*Be more upbeat & optimistic
*Be more humorous
*Be a good planner & a good executer of plans

Some of the things in the list has been there year in year out for the last decade of my life....will this year be the year that I finally can achieve them?

I hope so. It's tiring to have to carry the same old baggage year after year...ameen...

Happy (belated) New Year & Selamat (belated) Maal Hijrah evry one...

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