Sunday, February 17, 2008

Past-dweller no more...

Assalamualaikum & good day,

I am currently reading Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer), by Andrea Hirata..courtesy of my friend Toy (it's a short form of Tahira btw, not the way she wants to be treated)..& one of the few lines that piques my interest was..

"Ajaibnya sang waktu, masa lalu yang menyakitkan lambat laun bisa menjelma menjadi nostalgia romantik yang tak ingin dilupakan"

(So miraculous is Time, the painful past can eventually be a romantic nostalgia that we wouldn't like to forget)

Mr Andrea hits the nail here. I mean, haven't we always heard in the course of conversations..."Oh I wish I was back in the days when I was so & so..."
Some retirees want to go back working...working people wants to go back to university students like me wanted to be back in their school days...adults wanted to be children...

In short, most people will occasionally resent their present situation & thinks of the past as more exciting or happy days...maybe its due to aging bodies, crumbling idealism & youthful outlook..weary of life..

& we seemed to forget that in the past, our life was also not always sweet & rosy. Life being what it is, it will never be easy. It will always pose us with challenges, that in the end...we will better persons because of them..

Haha...I don't say it's wrong to reminisce with a wistful sigh, but dwelling in the past will not do anyone any good.
You must live in the present, the past as lessons, the future as dreams that you want to achieve.

I am posting this because I realized..that all my life I have been a past-dweller, unwilling to forgive myself of my past sins..& running away from the problems at present, unwilling to face them..

We can cherish our pasts, but we must also learn to move on with life...
I hope...that I am a past-dweller no more....

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