Monday, February 18, 2008

What is your brain gender...?

Assalamualaikum & good day...
I have always wanted to post this...just haven't had the idea how best to put it..
Last year I watched this documentary titled "Brain Sex" (part of the BBC series: Secret of the Sexes), its main idea is about that although humans can be males or females, our brain might be the opposite 'gender'. That means that you might be a guy with a 'female' brain.

The theory goes that in the 10th week of gestation, each fetus will be exposed to a testosterone surge (I forgot whether it's from the mother or the fetus). The amount of testosterone to which the fetus is exposed will determine the gender of the brain, i.e. the more testosterone amount you are exposed to, the more 'male' your brain will be, & vice versa. This means that if a human's brain is put on a straight line, one end would be 100% female brain, going along the line to 1% female brain. & the midpoint will be 0%, meaning that you have a 'neutral' brain. Then the line will arrive at 1% of male brain, going further down the line, with the other end is 100% male brain.

The amount of testoterone surge theoretically influences the growth ratio of the index finger to the ring finger. The more testosterone you are exposed to, the longer your ring finger will be relative to your index finger. That's why men usually have a longer ring finger relative to their index fingers..while women usually have index fingers & ring fingers of the same length.

Apparently, your brain's gender will affect your personality & strengths. 'Male' brains tend to be good in spatial & visual ability, mechanics, while 'female' brains are better in understanding face emotions, emphatizing, & verbal ability. Usually, males will have predominantly 'male' brains, & vice versa for females.

However, sometimes a person can have a brain of the opposite gender. E.g. a female can have a 'male' brain. This explains why some women are really good engineers. In the documentary, there is a female aeronautics engineer. Based on the tests, she is predicted as having a 'male' brain. She managed to perform visual & spatial tasks on the same level as the men. & yes, her ring finger is longer than her index finger.

If you guys are interested in checking the gender of your brain, here is the BBC website for the tests. But do it when you connection is good, because it might take about 30 minutes.

What is my brain gender? I suspect that I have a female brain, (yeah, no joking!)...well, let's just say I am half correct. I have a 50% male wonder I am single haha, I am not manly enough...

Do tell me your results ok? That is..if u are ok with that...(^^)

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Anonymous said...

Wah...hebatnya saya,dapat 9/10 utk eye test.ala,yang teka2 mata tu.score lain,mcm dapat teka je female brain.ahaks...yang rotating object tu saya dpt 12/12.I kept thinkin of having female brain,since like it's too significant.but i've got 50% male.seems like i'm not manly enough like you.haha!